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Ladies' Home

We currently have 45 ladies residing at the Home.  They live on the ground floor of  the Girls’ Home. Naturally there are always staff present with the ladies when the girls are not at school.  The ladies all sleep together and they have separate kitchen facilities if they wish to use them.  Nearly all of our ladies suffer from mental health and psychiatric conditions for which they  take medicine. To encourage and increase their independence they take on tasks in the kitchen, laundry and vegetable garden.  We provide sewing classes and many of the ladies like to sew in the afternoon ,making washing powder and make handicrafts.  Although the ladies live in separate quarters to the girls, it is in the same Home.  It has now been decided by the government that the ladies should have their own accommodation. Once again we will need to build a new block and seek your help to provide funds in order for us to complete this work.

It’s pleasant to be at home!

The aim of Mercy Home is to give free shelter and service to the needy, to lead the abandoned back into the community and to restore the dignity and independence of the poorest of the poor.

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