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We currently have 43 boys residing with us aged between 6 and 18 years.  All the boys are currently housed in one block with the ground floor used for recreation and homework and the first floor created as dormitories.  The government has passed a new law that boys over 11 years should sleep and spend their recreational time in a separate place to the younger boys. We would be able to build an additional floor on top of the current boys’ home but desperately need more funds to do this.  Please see our project page for a breakdown of the cost.  As with the girls’ all boys are sent to us due to either having lost both parents,or parents/relatives unable to care for them.  All boys are educated until 18 years old. 

It’s pleasant to be at home!

The aim of Mercy Home is to give free shelter and service to the needy, to lead the abandoned back into the community and to restore the dignity and independence of the poorest of the poor.

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Education – 24,000
Books – 1,440
Clothes – 1,500 (uniform only)
Travelling– 20,400
Food – 36,000
Toiletries– 14,400

TOTAL COST PER ANNUM: 97,740 INR / 1,221€ / 1,034 GBP

Any help you give towards the upkeep of our children would be very much appreciated.  You can also sponsor a child on a yearly basis.  Every donation helps us enormously.

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