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Little Flower Mercy Home

Eradication of begging is our primary aim. We are reaching out a helping hand to those living in slum areas and poverty-stricken communities, arranging free medical treatment for sick people in society.

At present, Little Flower Mercy Home' hosts 150 male patients. Most of them are mentally and physically disabled and under medical treatment. Some are permanently sick and confined to bed.

The living-conditions in Mercy Home are of the most simple kind. Accommodation in the male patient's hall is too cramped. Further improvements for the home would include a dining hall, chapel room, medical treatment room and clothes washing and drying facilities. 

There is in need to appoint Social workers and the volunteers .also  Need New coats  and beds and pillows.200 and Blankets and bed sheets (300 each)Every inmate gets provided with food, clothing, shelter and medical care. They are looked after with love and respect and the unceasing intention to restore their dignity. They are given mentally rehabilitation process in its time exercising Yoga playing with balls singing songs reading drawing painting according to their abilities. Some are become able to help in agriculture works.

The time set apart in front of the awesome presence of God keeps their heart and mind fresh. The understanding love of the cares extends a healing touch to their broken wounded hearts. It lifts them up to the normal living condition in peace and joy.

The patients are very grateful towards their helpers and donors. They don't forget who helped them out of their isolation and despair. In Mercy Home they have found peace and a new life - a life of understanding Love, sharing and dignity.

Little Flower Mercy Home

In the past years more and more homeless kids were brought to Mercy Home. Some of them come out of broken or poverty stricken families of the area. Others are the unwanted, uncared and fatherless children of beggars and prostitutes. Some of them are found neglected and meager, begging in the bus- and train-stations of the surrounding towns.

Today 50 boys and 67 girls in the age between 5 to 18 years found a new life in Mercy Home. For the Girls they have a separated home and campus. Also  looking ahead we want to have some land to make a football ground and basket ball ground for the boys and girls.    

Mercy Home provides the children shelter and care, satisfies their most basic material and emotional needs and enables them to grow up in fullness. The smiles, the gratitude and the harmonious living-together are proofs of the great work that is performed here.

Mercy home is so concerned about the poorest widows and prostitute in the society.

Little Flower Mercy Home also hosts 48 female patients. All of them are mentally retarded and subject to psychiatric treatment. Some of them are confined to bed; others are able to help in the kitchen or with other simple works. Also a new kitchen for all cooking purposes is progressed up to concrete.  The balance work have to done. So we are looking the sponsors for the completion of the kitchen.   At present our very small kitchen is in a temporary shed. When it rains the water gushes into the kitchen, making it difficult to cook.

For the Ladies they have no home as their own. Now they lives in a single room (Hall) rented the girls home. A home for the ladies is urgently needed. The govt. law is not allowing to staying the mentally retarded person and children in the same building, looking ahead we want to have some land to house the volunteers. That is our future plan.

 We are expecting your co-ordination and help for the day to day activities and the development of the project of little flower mercy home .


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